European destroyers are heading toward World of Warships

World of Warships update 0.9.3 has been released into the wild and, for the first time, allows players to research the entire branch of nine European destroyers. Five Swedish destroyers that have been in early access will be joined by three new ones and one Austro-Hungarian destroyer.

These nine European destroyers join the game alongside a special, limited event campaign; ‘Strong-Willed.’ On completing the campaign, players earn the Polish Navy commander Jerzy Świrski.

Świrski served as Chief of Polish Naval Command for decades and comes with 10 skill points and the Torpedo Reload Expert and AA Gun Aiming Expert talents.

World of Warships

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Świrski also comes with an improved skill; Adrenaline Rush. This gives a 0.25% boost to the reload speed of a ship and squadron for each 1% of HP lost.

The new European destroyers branch contains;

  • Tatra (II) – Austria-Hungary 
  • Romulus (III) – Sweden
  • Klas Horn (IV) – Sweden
  • Visby (V) – Sweden
  • Vasteras (VI) – Sweden
  • Skane (VII) – Sweden
  • Oland (VIII) – Sweden
  • Ostergotland (IX) – Sweden
  • Halland (X) – Sweden

Finally, update 0.9.3 sees the beginning of the 11th season of Ranked Sprints, a new Clan Battles season and makes tweaks and changes to improve the overall World of Warships experience.

World of Warships is available free on PC.

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