All Six Episodes of Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers Dev Diary available now

Square Enix’s behind the scenes look at Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers has had its sixth and final episode released online. Now, fans can watch all six episodes on YouTube and hear stories from the developers about creating the most recent expansion.

The six-episode series takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the critically-acclaimed MMO’s latest expansion, and sees members of the development team offering an in-depth look at the inspirations and secrets that drove its development.

The episodes deal with lore, narrative, creation of Novrandt, races, gear, characters and more.

Each of the episodes are as follows;

  • Episode One: Telling a Tale’ explores lore and narrative, and features interviews with:
    • Naoki Yoshida (Producer and Director)
    • Banri Oda (World Lore Creator and Main Scenario Writer)
    • Natsuko Ishikawa (Main Scenario Writer)
  • Episode Two: Forging the First’ explores the creation of Norvrandt and features interviews with:
    • Takeo Suzuki (Art Team Lead)
    • Masato Shida (Background Artist)
    • Arata Takahashi (Lead Level Designer)
  • Episode Three: Shaping the Styles’ explores new races, gear sets and character redesigns, and features interviews with:
    • Ayumi Namae (Character Concept Artist)
    • Yuji Yamazaki (Character Artist)
  • Episode Four: Making the Monsters’ explores enemy designs, and features interviews with:
    • Shinya Ichida (Art Team Lead)
    • Yusuke Mogi (Lead Character Concept Artist)
  • Episode Five: Spawning the Sounds’ explores music and audio design, and features interviews with:
    • Masayoshi Soken (Sound Director and Composer)
    • Go Kinuya (Sound Designer)
  • Episode Six: Building the Battles’ explores combat and the Trust System, and features interviews with:
    • Masaki Nakagawa (Lead Battle Content Designer)
    • Tsuyoshi Yokozawa (Lead Battle System Designer)

If you’re not one of the millions of players already enjoying Final Fantasy 14 you can download a free trial and play up to level 35. You can create up to eight characters and check out the different classes, races and jobs without any restrictions on playtime.

To enjoy the new player experience, head to the website.

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