Which Weapons Are in DOOM Eternal? – Weapons Guide

Combat is the core of any DOOM game and DOOM Eternal is no exception. As you progress through the campaign you’ll gradually unlock your full arsenal of DOOM Eternal weapons and become the ultimate Doom Slayer along the way. Many of the weapons included in this game are the same as those in DOOM 2016, though there are a few changes as well as some new upgrades and mods.

Interestingly, DOOM Eternal does not include a pistol in the campaign, making it one of the few games in the franchise not to include a pistol.

There are nine weapons in DOOM Eternal, six of which have two alternate fire modes and three which have no alternate fire. Seven of the DOOM Eternal weapons can be upgraded to become even more powerful.

DOOM Eternal Weapons

The full list of DOOM Eternal weapons is as follows;

  • Combat Shotgun
  • Heavy Cannon
  • Plasma Rifle
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Super Shotgun
  • Ballista
  • Chaingun
  • BFG-9000
  • Unmakyr

All weapons aside from the BFG-9000, Super Shotgun and Unmakyr can be modded with alternate fire modes. Neither the BFG-9000 or the Unmakyr can be upgraded.

Alternate fire modes on weapons are activated by holding L2 before pressing R2 to shoot. To switch between active mods, press Up on the D-Pad.

The Combat Shotgun’s alternate fire modes are; Sticky Bombs and Full Auto. Sticky Bombs stick to enemies and deal explosive damage and can be used to stagger Cacodemons instantly. Full Auto mode fires the Combat Shotgun very quickly and is useful for tearing through large enemies.

Fully upgrading Sticky Bombs increases the number fired before reloading from three to five. Fully upgrading the Full Auto Mode will make a demon killed with the Full Auto Mod drop shell ammo.

The Heavy Cannon’s alternate fire modes are; Precision Bolt and Micro Missiles. Precision Bolt is essentially a sniper rifle. It doesn’t have a tonne of use in the fast-paced gameplay of DOOM Eternal but it’s still fun. Micro Missile seek enemies and explode on contact.

Fully upgrading Precision Bolt makes headshot kills set off a secondary blast that deals damage to nearby enemies. Fully upgrading Micro Missiles means that Micro Missiles no longer needs to reload and will fire until your ammo runs out.

The Plasma Rifle’s alternate fire modes are; Heat Blast and Microwave Beam. Heat Blast fires built-up heat towards the enemy and deals additional damage the longer you charge it. Microwave Beam locks onto enemies and fills them with concentrated energy until they explode.

Fully upgrading Heat Blast gives the Plasma Rifle a damage boost for a short time after firing a fully charged Heat Blast. Fully upgrading the Microwave Beam will cause demons to detonate and trigger a concussive blast.

The Rocket Launcher’s alternate fire modes are; Remote Detonate and Lock-On Burst. Remote Detonation allows you to detonate rockets before the hit something. Lock-On Burst locks onto a target and fires three rockets at them.

Fully upgrading Remote Detonate triggers additional explosives if a rocket is triggered while Proximity Flare is active. Fully upgrading Lock-On Burst allows you to acquire a second target before firing a burst of three rockets at each.

The Super Shotgun has no alternate fire mode, however, if you upgrade the Meat Hook you can unlock the Flaming Hook which sets enemies on fire when they’re hooked.

The Ballista’s alternate fire modes are; Arbalest and Destroyer Blade. Arbalest is a charged shot that embeds in Demons then explodes. Destroyer Blade charges up an energy blade that cleaves enemies as it flies forwards.

Fully upgrading Arbalest means that the beam will start charging instantly after a direct hit. Fully upgrading the Destroyer Blade will allow you to fire Destroyer Blades before they have fully charged.

The Chaingun’s alternate fire modes are; Mobile Turret and Energy Shield. Mobile Turret transforms the Chaingun into a mobile turret that can overheat and stall. Energy Shield activates a shield that absorbs incoming damage for a while.

Fully upgrading Mobile Turret means that it no longer overheats or stalls. Fully upgrading Energy Shield launches your Energy Shield forward if you deal enough damage while using it.

In addition to the main weapons, you also have a Chainsaw, Frag Grenade, Ice Bomb and Flame Belch. The Chainsaw is used for instantly killing demons if you have enough fuel. Fodder demons require one fuel tank while heavies require three. The maximum you can carry at a time is three. One tank always gradually recharges.

Flame Belch, Ice Bomb and Frag Grenade are on cooldown.

You unlock the Super Shotgun during Cultist Base, the Chaingun during Super Gore Nest and the BFG-9000 during Arc Complex. The Unmakyr is a special unlock that is available onboard the Fortress of Doom.

DOOM Eternal is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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