5 Gum is back on Aussie shelves; chewing gum proven to improve concentration while gaming

Mars Wrigley has announced that it is bringing 5 Gum back to the Australian Market. Coming back by popular demand, 5 Gum is now available in three flavours; Blueberry Rush, Watermelon Burst and Cool Mint. Now, you may be wondering what gum has to do with gaming, well, a study published by Physiology & Behaviour shows that chewing gum can help you focus on the task at hand and assist in sustaining attention.

Who needs help focusing and staying attentive? Gamers, certainly, especially those playing competitive games and esports.

Mars Wrigley has stated that the new “formulations have longer-lasting flavour that is sugar-free, as well as an improved texture to offer consumers a better chew.”

5 Gum

Michelle Gazzola, Portfolio Director – Gum and Mints said;

We’re so excited to be bringing 5 GUM® back into the Australian market. We are confident the flavours will attract previous fans back to the brand and encourage new customers to experience the exhilaration of choosing the unfamiliar by trying 5 GUM.

Mars Wrigley says that 5 Gum is the perfect treat to chew while gaming and can help you focus and concentrate. The three new flavours are available in the stick-format and can be purchased from “all major grocery and convenience outlets across Australia including Coles, Woolworths, IGA, 7Eleven and Caltex.”

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