Home News Amara is Borderlands 3 players’ favourite Vault Hunter

Amara is Borderlands 3 players’ favourite Vault Hunter

Amara is Borderlands 3 players’ favourite Vault Hunter

Gearbox closely monitors Borderlands 3 and has mountains of player data. According to Anthony Nicholson, Gearbox’s Head of DLC Production, Gearbox uses this data to fix problems, make adjustments and respond to the community. One example is how the team recently allowed players to turn events on and off at will, while the event is live.

The reasoning is that new players may not understand why certain things are happening or appearing on-screen, so by turning the event off, they get the pure experience without distraction.

Something else Nicholson mentioned is that players felt that some parts of Guardian Rank were getting in the way of the builds they were using. To fix that problem, Gearbox allowed players to turn individual perks on or off.

Amara Borderlands

It’s all well and good to use player data to improve the experience but for me, I wanted to find out which of the four new Vault Hunters was the community’s favourite. I play as FL4K, who is an absolute legend, so I was hoping that Nicholson would tell me FL4K was the winner.

However, he also told me that Amara is his favourite, so I should have known that she is also the community’s favourite too.

He didn’t tell me by how much or which character was in second but Amara is the clear winner.

At Borderlands 3’s official announcement last year, I spoke to concept artist Amanda Christensen, who worked on Amara, who told me that she was designed to be a Super Saiyan Siren. It looks like that’s struck a chord with players.

Which Vault Hunter do you use?

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