Easy Ways to Make Money By Playing Rainbow Six Siege

It’s no doubt that every person in this world had thought at least once how to make money from his hobby. It is no different for gamers, a lot of gamers always strive to make money from their hobby, and with the big exposure of Rainbow Six Siege, we will be showing you how to actually make money playing your favourite game.

In order to be able to make money from R6, you need to be special, you need to do something that others don’t or have something that others do not. Most notably is being very skilled and highly competitive at the game or having a very entertaining personality that people love to watch and chat with.

Best Ways to Make Money By Playing Rainbow Six Siege


It is the most obvious and easy choice to try to make money from R6 or any online game. Live Streaming on popular streaming websites like Twitch.tv, Mixer.com, etc.

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best games to stream because it is packed with action, a lot of emotions and tension in the game, so you can really show your personality and get people to interact with you, it has somewhat decent viewership, and it is not as saturated as other games for streamers.

With the streaming option, you can basically make money even if you are not talented enough in the game or highly skilled. Anyone, anywhere can stream and if he has a good personality and with an amount of luck he could bubble, and end make somewhat decent cash.

Streaming is also a very good option for people that are highly skilled at the game because people love to see talented and skilled players playing their favourite games, as some people use streams to learn & improve in R6.

Online Tournaments

One of the ways you can easily make money if you are highly skilled at the game is by participating in online tournaments. The most popular online tournaments platform (ESL) hosts weekly & monthly tournaments with somewhat decent cash prizes for all the platforms, and all the regions. You don’t really need to be physically attended to play one of those events and earn some cash.


R6 Boosting is one of the most consistent, reliable ways of making money playing Rainbow Six Siege. It needs a very talented and highly skilled player to execute it properly and achieve good results, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes really easy and you actually start to make a very good chunk of money. It is basically getting paid to improve people’s rank in the game and get them unstuck in their rank.

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