New British Cruisers arrive in World of Warships

The Royal Navy in World of Warships gets even more powerful today with the full release of British Heavy Cruisers and a new historical commander. Andrew Cunningham was a decorated admiral who served during World War II. These new additions make this formidable fleet even more so and gives players more ships to play with or against.

A new researchable tech tree adds six heavy cruisers which will be added as part of update 0.9.1. In addition, a new ranked season and a new map will also be added.

The six heavy cruisers range from Tiers V through X and a premium Tier VI ship will also be made available for those who finish four Directives.

World of Warships

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The six British Heavy Cruisers being added with update 0.9.1 are;

  • Hawkins (Tier V)
  • Devonshire (Tier VI)
  • Surrey (Tier VII)
  • Albemarle (Tier VIII)
  • Drake (Tier IX)
  • Goliath (Tier X)

Wargaming has provided a bit of a history lesson on each of these ships at this link if you’re interested in finding out more about each of them. Admiral Cunningham is great for players looking for some extra speed or a faster reload time.

Cunningham also has the ability to increase the number of consumable charges of your ship by one when destroying two enemy ships. This unique British commander can be obtained from the Armory in exchange for Royal Tokens, a new temporary resource, which can be gained from Daily shipments or for completing Daily Missions and the four new Directives.

The new Ranked Battles Season focuses on Tier X ships in 7v7 battles. The updated Arms Race mode is also a feature of the new season. Finally, the new map — Northern Waters — has been added and is designed for Tier VIII-X battled in Epicentre and Domination modes.

World of Warships is free for PC.

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