Southpaw Regional Wrestling brings the 1980s to WWE 2K20

2K has today released the previously announced Southpaw Regional Wrestling DLC for WWE 2K20. Part of patch 1.07 and the WWE 2K20 Originals DLC, Southpaw Regional Wrestling is based on the “throwback series” and joins the Bump in the Night and Wasteland Wanderers DLC. This DLC adds a new Showcase, Story Towers, characters and more.

Anyone who purchased a copy of the Deluxe and Anniversary editions of WWE 2K20 will receive Southpaw Regional Wrestling for free. It can also be purchased for $22.95 AUD.

The new showcase “kicks off with its biggest show of the summer, but there’s just one problem. Evil banker Mr. Mackelroy (Tyler Breeze) has purchased the company and intends to destroy it!.” That’s where the Southpaw crew comes in.

Southpaw Regional Wrestling

Included in the DLC pack are;

  • New Story Towers
    • “Cult of Rasslersize” – Misfit Molly (Becky Lynch) finds herself in the presence of hottest new workout trend, Rasslersize. These aerobics fitness freaks want Misfit Molly to join, and they’re not taking no for an answer.
    • “What Goes Around…” – Mr. Mackelroy (Tyler Breeze) finds himself on the wrong side of a business deal gone wrong, and a shadowy figure has sent a band of debt collectors disguised as a glam rock band to collect his debt.
    • “Tower of Prep” – The Perth Preppies (The IIconics) are bratty rich kids who believe they deserve a shot at Southpaw’s Women’s Tag Championship, but the rest of the women’s division has other plans.
    • “A Man and his Chickens” – Big Bartholomew (Rusev) lives a simple life. He wrestles and cares for his chickens. Mr. Mackelroy has kidnapped his chickens and plans to turn them into nuggets unless Big Bart can make it through his gauntlet of goons. At the end of it all, the terrible Sea Creature awaits.
    • “Street Ninja Showdown” – Ninjas have kidnapped Zack Ryder’s girlfriend, who also happens to be the President of the United States. Street Zack Ryder and Street Curt Hawkins hit the pavement to rescue her in a throwback to beat ‘em up games.
  •  New WWE Superstar Characters:
    • Georgia Washington (Charlotte Flair)
    • Dosvetanya (Lana)
    • Bad Hair Day (Ember Moon)
    • Misfit Molly (Becky Lynch)
    • Samantha Urai (Kairi Sane)
    • Sasha Memorybanks (Sasha Banks)
    • Bay Lee Billionaire (Bayley)
    • Mackelroy (Tyler Breeze)
    • Glam Rocker (Johnny Gargano)
    • Sea Creature
  •  Two New Arenas
    • Southpaw Summer Breakout ‘87
    • Max Headlock’s
  •  And More
    • New voiceover and commentary
    • New themed Superstar parts
    • New themed Create-an-Arena parts
    • New themed weapons

Southpaw Regional Wrestling and the other WWE 2K20 Originals are four DLC packs that are based on a different theme and fictional universe. Each includes a new showcase, story towers, characters and more.

Each DLC can be purchased as a pack or separately.

WWE 2K20 is available now.

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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