Zombie Army 4 Gas Rats Puzzle Solution

Now that you have Zombie Army 4 in your hot little hands, you’re probably going to want to collect all the hidden collectibles right? Of course, you are! That’s half of the fun…That being said, there are a tonne of collectibles in Zombie Army 4 and finding them all takes some work. Lucky for you, we’ve done all the hard work for you and have put together these handy guides to show you where everything in.

Overall, there are nine levels in Zombie Army 4 and each has four chapters except for the first and last levels which have three and one respectively.

In Hell Base, Let’s Get out of Here’s safe room there’s a locked safe with paintings of rats on the wall and a message that reads Gas Rats. To unlock the safe, you need to hunt down and kill five rats in the previous chapter; War Machines.

Zombie Army 4 Gas Rats

In the video above, you can see where to find the five gas rats.

The first rat is sitting on top of a missile in the middle of the first area, suspended high above. As you exit the safe room, look to the middle and on top of the missile.

Next, go through the door the Butcher breaks through and go around to where the Upgrade Kit is. Look at the pipe on the left wall. The second rat is on the pipe.

After you break the second and third valves and drop down, walk through the deep water and once you’re out, stay on the left and you’ll find the third rat on a pile of pipes.

Once you reach the area with the final three valves, stand near the sealed door and look in the direction left of the door, towards machinery. Look for a red flashing light. The rat is hidden behind the machinery and is all the way back towards the wall.

The final rat is sitting outside the safe room on some crates.

After you kill all five gas rats, go into the safe room and when you regain control, you’ll be able to get the contents of the safe; a divine attachment and divine grenades.

Zombie Army 4 is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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