Zombie Army 4 – Dead Ahead – Reporting In Collectibles Guide

Now that you have Zombie Army 4 in your hot little hands, you’re probably going to want to collect all the hidden collectibles right? Of course, you are! That’s half of the fun…That being said, there are a tonne of collectibles in Zombie Army 4 and finding them all takes some work. Lucky for you, we’ve done all the hard work for you and have put together these handy guides to show you where everything in.

Overall, there are nine levels in Zombie Army 4 and each has four chapters except for the first and last levels which have three and one respectively.

Levels contain between five and 18 collectibles with most having 17. So, let’s get to it with Dead Ahead, Reporting In.

Zombie Army 4 Collectibles – Dead Ahead – Reporting In

In the video above, you can see where to find the four collectibles in this chapter. There is one Comic, one Document, one Upgrade Kit and one Zombie Hand.

The first collectible you’ll find is the document. After you chat with Bruno, head through the door into the office space. On the table right near the stairs is the document.

Go up the stairs and at the top is a wooden door. Open or smash the door and inside on the far wall you’ll find a comic.

The next collectible you’ll find is the Zombie Hand and it’s easy to miss. When you’re required to sniper zombies from the radio mast, look below the central train in the yard and you should see the hand crawling around.

Finally, to get the Upgrade Kit, after you speak with the doctor, head through the door to follow the objective marker and smash the boarded-up doorway. The Upgrade Kit should be right in front of you.

That’s all for Dead Ahead – Reporting In.

Zombie Army 4 is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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