Ubisoft and LetsPlayLive announce Rainbow Six Siege esports partnership

Following on from yesterday’s announcement of the Women’s Rainbow Six: Siege League, Ubisoft has today announced a partnership with LetsPlayLive. The partnership will launch Rainbow Six: Siege Amateur and Pro Divisions and continue the existing, successful Rainbow Six: Siege esports competition in the region.

The first season will commence on February 15, 2020, and the Pro Division will stream on Tuesday from February 25. Teams and players who are both amateur and existing pros in the region (Australia and New Zealand) are eligible to register.

Season 1 2020 will have a prize pool of $7,000 AUD with $2,000 for the Amateur division and $5,000 for the Pros.

Rainbow Six: Siege Esports

In order for each division to go ahead, at least eight teams will need to be registered. In addition to the Amateur and Pro division, LetsPlayLive will also host open weeklies.

Every week, $150 AUD will be up for grabs and the competition will run throughout the year. Amateurs and Pro Divisions are;

  • Amateur – $2,000 AUD prize pool. LPL Premium required. Elo format. Teams update their match times to be assigned up to 3 matches per week. Matches are Best of 1.
  • Pro – $5,000 AUD prize pool. LPL Premium required. Double Elimination format. Matches are Best of 3.

Additionally, there are two open slots in the Pro Division which will be filled through Qualifiers. A double-elimination qualifier held on February 15, 2020, will see the top two teams enter the Pro Division.

Managing Director of LPL Duane Mutu said;

LPL are excited to deliver another season of Rainbow Six Siege (PC) in Season 1, 2020 across Amateur and Pro divisions. With a massive $7,000 AUD prize pool Rainbow Six Siege is looking to be one of the biggest titles on the platform this year and we are looking forward to a successful season.

Prize Splits are;

  • Amateur:
    • First: $800
    • Second: $600
    • Third: $300
    • Fourth: $300
    • Total: $2,000 AUD
  • Pro:
    • First: $3,000
    • Second: $1,000
    • Third: $500
    • Fourth: $500
    • Total: $5,000 AUD

Things are looking very good for Rainbow Six: Siege esports this year. In addition to the Women’s League and this announcement, the Six Invitational starts on February 7.

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