More than half of Aussie students think IT and computer education is paramount for their futures

With nearly 3.8 million Aussie students returning to school soon, the Microsoft Store Australia has commissioned research “aiming to help visualise the school of the future, highlighting what students envision for their futuristic classroom.” This research indicates that Aussie students are excited by and keen to learn through “advanced technologies” and are “prioritising STEM-based education.”

The research suggests that Aussie students are prioritising tech and science in order to ready themselves for the jobs of the future. Jobs that may not even exist today. Additionally, there are ways for students to get help with university assignments, meaning a career in STEM is a real opportunity.

Inspired by what’s been discovered, the Microsoft Store had created learning experiences in store which offer students the chance to “sample some of the subjects and teaching tools of the future.”

Aussie Students IT

Microsoft’s research has found;

  • 6 out of 10 students hope to see IT and Computers as a core part of the school curriculum within the next 10 years 
  • 65% of school students said they have an interest in learning coding in school, with one in three students saying they haven’t had the opportunity to do this
  • Over 50% of students consider Computers and IT to be the subjects most important to their future careers
  • 42% of students would like to interact more with classroom computers via touch screen, and 27% would like to be able to interact with computers via voice command

Additionally, the research found;

Aussie kids value STEM based subjects as the most relevant to their jobs in the future, prioritising Computers (61%), IT (63%) and Science (57%) over traditionally preferred subjects, such as P.E (45%), English (51%) and Music (44%).  

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