Emu War is an open-world shooter that pits man against emu

The Great Emu War is an odd, yet true chapter in Australian history. A military operation for wildlife management, it began as an attempt to control emus said to be causing chaos in the Campion region of Western Australia. The intervention by the military was unsuccessful, despite carrying and using Lewis Guns; World War One light-machine guns.

In the end, the emus continued to cause havoc on farming land and the military was “defeated.”

Initially, two soldiers were dispatched with 10,000 rounds of ammunition but were waylaid by rain. After it cleared, men were tasked with collecting emu skins to make feathers for the soldier’s hats. Eventually, the soldiers were able to attempt to cull the emus, but through a series of missteps, they only managed to kill a small number.

Emu War

Now, Hermitmode, an independent developer from Sydney, has created a game based on the events called; Emu War. In Emu War, players can choose to play as a human or an emu and must work to stop the emu menace or invade crops and battle humans.

Hermitmode describes Emu War as;

Experience Australia’s most brutal war in this action-packed, guaranteed historically accurate depiction of the great Emu War!

Either play as an Australian soldier on the front lines against the emu menace or invade and decimate crops and humans alike as an enraged emu in both open world sandbox environments and varied smaller scale skirmishes!

Access a variety of different gameplay through power ups and upgrades with in-game credit earned with each kill.

Use a variety of vehicles and air craft in your quest for dominance.

Create your own battles and experiments using characters, weapons and vehicles unlocked with your campaign successes in Architect Mode.

Accept no substitutes!

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Emu War will be launching on Steam in Early Access on February 1, 2020. Hermitmode says that the full game will launch in Q3 2020.

For more information, head to the Steam page.

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