Watch Some Bloody Gory DOOM Eternal Gameplay

I recently visited Bethesda’s office in Sydney, Australia to go hands-on with DOOM Eternal. Sequel to the bloody fantastic DOOM 2016, I enjoyed spending an afternoon trying out the new game. During which I captured footage from Eternal third level, Cultist base, that has been embedded below.

One thing you may notice about DOOM Eternal is how the environment has been designed as an obstacle to be traversed, rather than simply travelled through.

Unlike in DOOM 2016, the terrain isn’t a simple pathway linking demon encounters together but serve as a challenge to overcome in order to progress.

Hop, Skip and Jump

To accommodate this change, Doom Slayer is equipped with new abilities such as wall climbing and bar swinging. The Slayer can also double dash now, a much welcomed new feature. 

I think this opening section, where the player is required to use the grav-lift to reach the climbable walls and then cross the chasm with a dash jump, is pretty awkward. As I was playing my gut was screaming, “this isn’t DOOM!”. 

Rip and Tear Until They’re All Dead

My feelings shifted gears when I encountered my first real firefight. 

You can see me move to quickly dispatch the Revenants before moving towards the stammering group of Zombies. As I was close to death a few times, it was probably wise to take advantage of Eternal’s combat puzzle to keep my health stock up.

After this horde is dispatched, it’s on into the cultist facility where I’m greeted by some weaker demons, hear some story exposition, and fight some more demons. 

Then I started dying.

A lot.

I think I had set the difficulty down to DOOM Eternal’s equivalent of hard. The build I played had four settings basically; easy, medium, hard and very hard.

Kill Box

The above footage is from a room I stumbled into later during the same level while pursuing the Super Shotgun. From the centre pillar you can see in the video I jumped down into what is essentially a ‘kill box’.

Hordes of demons appeared in waves, each deadlier than the last. DOOM Eternal has some pretty challenging moments, but this sequence was probably one of the more intense ones I came across in the game’s first three levels.

The above footage is of my successful run at this encounter: there were at least six other tries before it. By this stage that although I had learned the demon’s patterns.

I just threw everything I had at them while also making use of that much-touted combat puzzle mechanic to stay alive.

Jayden Williams attended a preview event in Sydney, Australia hosted by Bethesda.

Jayden Williams
Jayden Williams
I started playing video games on my grandmother's Sega Master System (go, Alex Kidd!) and after almost 3 decades haven't looked back. I've written for various gaming outlets over the years and enjoy playing across all console platforms and genre types, though have a penchant for action/adventure, RPGs and loot-shooters. Pokémon is my favourite franchise and was there at the birth of the infamous 'rare candy' hack.

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