Do People Still Play GTA Online?

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GTA is a game that marked the lives of a lot of generations. The developer Rockstar North did an excellent job. They created the imaginary state of San Andreas and its capital Los Santos. You can take a look at the official best-selling list of video games. In there, you will see that Grand Theft Auto V holds the third place as the game that was sold 115,000,000 times.

GTA V is one of the most profitable media products. MarketWatch did an analysis in 2018, and they estimated that the total earnings of this game are over $6 billion. That means Grand Theft Auto V earned much more than some highest-profitable movie franchises. We can assume that within this year, it gained even more profit, and that tells us people still enjoy playing it.

Of course, GTA V wouldn’t be so popular if it weren’t for Rockstar’s ability to regularly improve and update the multiplayer component. That being said, they offered the players an opportunity to play the game online. In GTA V Online, you can compete against other people for cash while driving through the streets of Los Santos.

Casino in GTA V

This game has been famous for many years, but it surely gained even more popularity in the middle of this year when the developers included a fully functional casino in the game. 

The main reason is that there isn’t any need for you to buy costly properties like in other updates. There is one requirement — to pay a $500 membership fee (in-game money), but for most GTA Online players, that is cheap. Although memberships don’t cost too much, they come with some limited perks. For instance, you can only enter some parts of Diamond casino, but even then, you won’t have access to all gambling activities. You will have entrance to Diamond’s garage, but you will be able to store only one car.

Once you become their member, you will receive chips, and after that, your round can start. Chips are a new currency that is spent on everything in the casino. So if you want to play poker or any other casino game, you will have to use chips. You can purchase them at the front area of the casino, and there is a limit of 50,000 at a time. You can cash them out whenever you want, and each chip will be converted into a GTA dollar. Of course, if you are not in the mood to buy chips, you will receive 1,000 of them each day for free, as a member. So use them, and you won’t have to invest anything.

Of course, you cannot play free online pokies and win real money in this casino. Rockstar North creates games that you can play for fun, and they are not genuine casino game developers. That said, you can always turn to the many online casinos with various no-deposit bonuses if free pokies (Australian slang for slots) are your thing.

If you are a huge GTA Online fan and you want to play big at this in-game casino, you can invest money and be a VIP member. That is significantly more expensive, but it will bring you better opportunities. For example, you could receive a fancy penthouse. It’s on you to customize it as you wish. Inside, it has a personal spa, roof garden, an area for parties, some artwork, etc. There are so many other things that you cannot even imagine as well. Aside from all that, there is an opportunity for you to try a real high-roller table in the casino if you wish to do so.

As you can see, this membership can bring you a lot. But that will only happen if you are willing to give up a certain amount of money for it.

To Conclude

This game gained success that we are unlikely ever to see again. It’s a huge thing to be the third best-selling video game. Especially when you’ve been on the market for that long; years and years will pass, and people will still play and buy updates. We can tell for sure that bringing a casino to GTA V was one of the best decisions of the year.

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