Warframe Podcast Episode 72 – Interview with Lucas Schuneman

Well, there was no Devstream this week, but we didn’t want to leave our listeners wanting more… So we went out and scored an awesome interview! If you missed our interview with Sheryl Mebane (the voice of Nora Night) earlier this year, check it out…

And then follow it up with this one, in which we interview Lucas Schuneman, who voices such fan favourites as Nef Anyo and Tyl Regor, and a lot more besides Warframe! This interview was a lot of fun, and we encourage you to actively seek out his work.


  • News: New War videos and images on Twitter, Nominate Warframe in the Steam awards, new updates in cert for consoles
  • Discussion: Interview with Lucas Schuneman
  • Beginner/Advanced: skipped this week, in favour of a longer interview

Lucas Schuneman

Lucas Schuneman is an actor with a number of primarily voice-based projects to his name, from character-based work in video games and animation through narration for commercials, corporate presentations, audiobooks, and many more projects besides!

His voice talent can be heard in games such as Deus Ex: The Fall, Payday 2, Tropico 4, and many more. You can also hear him in Marvel Avengers Academy, Psycho Pass: The Movie, and One Piece, among many other projects.

But of course, we know and love him for his voice work in Warframe as Nef Anyo and Tyl Regor.

Warframe Podcast

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