Warframe releases Phase 1 of the Empyrean update with Rising Tide

Not long after the end of Devstream 133 today, Digital Extremes surprised fans by dropping the new Rising Tide update for PC. While not a massive update in terms of overall content, it is a massive update in that it is the first component of the very massive Empyrean expansion!

Yes, this update brings the Dry Dock to your clan – players will need to work together to come up with the resources to build it (unless… you already have them). From there, a new Quest will be opened to players – provided they have completed the Quest “The Second Dream” – which will allow them to research a new Cephalon… one that will help them first track down the components of the Railjack, and will later act as ship Cephalon on that same ship.

Get excited Tenno! While this will not exactly outfit players with a working Railjack (players can board the ship once completed, but the ignition and flight modules are still yet to be located), it is the first step into a new world for Warframe.

The time has come!

Warframe update

  • The Dry Dock – a clan-based hangar in which players will build their very own Railjack
  • Cephalon Cy – the Command Cephalon, who will instruct players in the way to forge their own Railjack
  • A quest to find the six Railjack components – note that forging these items can NOT be rushed
  • Orbiter 2.0 – a vidual update to the Orbiter, including a glass roof so players can look into deep space…
  • Equinox Deluxe – Equinox will receive her long-awaited Antonym skin! If players should also desire the bundle, they will also receive a Sword and Shield skin,  and the Circadian Syandana
  • The Cumulus Collection – a new secondary weapon, Syandana, and armor collection!
  • The Origin Pack – a new bundle containing 200 Platinum and a brand new Syandana

For more detail, check out the official updates!

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