Dead By Daylight: Nightmare Edition bundles a tonne of DLC for a slashed price

Behaviour Interactive and 505 Games are bringing Dead By Daylight back to retail in a nightmarish new way. Dead By Daylight: Nightmare Edition is a re-release of the asymmetric multiplayer title including three DLC chapters, Headcase Cosmetics pack and four add-ons.

Best of all, Dead By Daylight: Nightmare Edition will retail for only $79.95 AUD. If you were to purchase the special edition on PS4 digitally and all of the additional content in this pack, you’d need to spend $96.55 AUD.

That’s a decent saving, wouldn’t you say?

Dead By Daylight: Nightmare Edition

This new, retail only edition of the game, will be available on PS4 and Xbox One. It includes the original game and the Special Edition content; The 80s Suitcase, The Bloodstained Sack, Of Flesh and Mud and The Spark of Madness.

It also includes three chapters;

  • Curtain Call
  • Shattered Bloodline
  • Stranger Things

Those who purchase this special edition will also receive the Headcase Cosmetic pack. This offers “players a variety of trendy hairstyles and accessories to style their favourite survivor, packed together with extra content from the original game release.”

Dead By Daylight is a lot of fun. It pits one serial killer against four survivors in an arena. The killer must murder all four survivors while they try to escape.

It was recently released on Switch and we thought it was a pretty decent, if ugly, port.

Dead By Daylight: Nightmare Edition will be available for PS4 and Xbox One on December 5, 2019, for $79.95 AUD.

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