Where is the best place to farm XP in Jedi Fallen Order?

The long wait is over. You can finally play Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and see the fruits of Respawn’s labour. You can read our extensive review here and see what our resident Star Wars expert, James, thought of the game. Fallen Order tells the story of Cal Kestis, a Padawan hiding from the Empire in the wake of Order 66.

The game takes place across a number of planets in the Star Wars canon and features Dark Souls-lite combat, Uncharted and Tomb Raider style exploration and some light Metroidvania mechanics.

Billed as being The Force Unleasedwithout the Mountain Dew moments,” Jedi Fallen Order is more restrained when it comes to its depiction of the Force and its power. Early in the game, Cal’s connection to the Force is damaged by what he’s been through as a Padawan, so he’s without many of his abilities.

Over the game, you collect new Force Powers and grow as a Jedi. In addition to your Force Powers, Cal also has a fully upgradable and unlockable Skill Tree.

Jedi Fallen Order

Early in the game, the Skill Tree is quite limited. As Cal earns new powers and reconnects with the Force, he unlocks additional skills and abilities. Many of these skills and abilities are upgrades for Force Powers. However, some skills and abilities can only be learned from the Skill Tree.

Unlocking skills costs Skill Points. Skill Points are gradually earned by defeating enemies. As you defeat enemies, you fill the XP bar and when it’s full, you are awarded one Skill Point.

If you die, you don’t lose your accrued Skill Points. You only lose your progression to the next Skill Point. To recover your XP you only have to damage the enemy that killed you.

Like many other games that have XP and Skill Trees, players want to know where the best place to farm XP is. We’ve got you covered.

The best location to farm XP in Jedi Fallen Order comes in the latter part of the game, on the planet Ilum. After you exit the Crystal Caves and are headed back to the mantis, you will come to an area called Imperial Trench. Here, you’ll be confronted with a huge number of Stormtroopers and Security Droids.

As you exit the Crytal Caves, you’ll be on a platform with a bunch of Stormtroopers. After you defeat them, dropships will set more on you and others will come from a doorway.

Eventually, you’ll defeat all of the Stormtroopers and can head inside to face the Security Droids.

There’s a Meditation Circle right nearby too so you can recover, rinse and repeat. The video below gives you a look at the location.

Jedi Fallen Order is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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