The Razer Serien Emote features an LED display for showing emoticons

Razer, dedicated to making the best, most colourful and interactive peripherals on the planet will soon release the Razer Seiren Emote microphone at retailers in Australia. Already available to order online from Razer directly, the Razer Seiren Emote has been designed for streamers and is the world’s first “professional-grade streaming microphone featuring an emoticon display.”

The LED display synchronises with on-stream events so as to give the streamer and their fans more ways to interact. Powered by Razer’s Emote Engine, the 8-bit LED display can display emoticons from alerts, chat messages, follows, donations and more.

Streamers are able to customise the emoticons, use the built-in presets and even add or design their own icons.

Razer Seiren Emote

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Alvin Chung, Senior VP of Razer’s Peripherals Unit said;

Up-and-coming streamers are looking for more ways to engage with their fans and grow to new heights in order to become like their idols.

With the Razer Seiren Emote, we are providing them with a new creative avenue, enabling an additional layer of interaction between streamers and fans that is truly fun and engaging.

Out of the box, the Razer Seiren Emote can display over 100 static or animated emoticons. Users are also able to upload their own 8-bit images via the included Razer Streamer Companion App. The app controls the 8×8 display on the LED and allows users to edit, upload and manage emoticon triggers.

Aside from the LED display, the microphone is professional quality and will provide crystal clear audio.


  • 8-bit Emoticon 8 x 8 RGB LED Display showcasing hundreds of emoticons on your mic
  • Stream Reactive Emoticons ready for customisation
  • Hyper-cardioid Condenser Microphone for professional grade streaming
  • Streamer Companion App compatible with Twitch, Streamlabs, XSplit & Mixer
  • Built-in shock mount to dampen vibrations
  • Interchangeable Gooseneck for height extension
  • Plug and Play for fuss-free streaming out of the box

The Razer Serien Emote is $250.95 AUD from Razer. It will be on sale at Australian retail soon.

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