Hot Shot Burn won best indie multiplayer game at Gamescom and it’s had a huge update

I don’t know how I missed it but I did. Gamescom has come and gone but I wasn’t aware that the incredibly addictive Hot Shot Burn had won Best Indie Multiplayer Game. Anyway, it did and that should tell you that Hot Shot Burn is tremendous amounts of fun. If that’s not enough for you, how about the news that it’s had a massive content update on PC?

Included in this, the first big content update are three new arctic inspired maps, a bunny rabbit bounty hunter and a bunch of gameplay tweaks.

What is Hot Shot Burn?

If you’re not familiar with it, Hot Shot Burn is in development by Artifex Mundi and it’s basically Gang Beasts meets Invader Zim. It’s a four-player party brawler that thrives on chaos.

The developers have even said it’s “designed to make you swear at your friends.” Hot Shot Burn is in early access on PC and is on sale on Steam until September 24. If you buy it before then, you’ll get 20% off.

Hot Shot Burn is coming to consoles in 2020 and will be fully cross-play enabled. It will also “never have microtransactions or pay-walls, this content plus all future updates are free.”

Hot Shot Burn is in early access on PC. It’s coming to consoles in 2020.

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