Home Events Get ready to Rip and Tear PAX Aus a new one with Bethesda

Get ready to Rip and Tear PAX Aus a new one with Bethesda

Get ready to Rip and Tear PAX Aus a new one with Bethesda

Bethesda is taking over PAX Aus again in 2019 for the second time. The Promenade, also known as PAX Promenade was renamed Bethesda Lane last year and it’s happening again in 2019. This year, Bethesda Lane will feature Fallout, Elder Scrolls and DOOM and will give fans a chance for photo opps and meetups.

That’s not even the half of it though. Bethesda is taking over THREE restaurants; Common ManMeat Market and Tessie Pearl. Each venue will have Fallout, Elder Scrolls and DOOM themed giveaways alongside some very special and limited menu items.

ZeniMax Online Studios Creative Director Rich Lambert will be in town to celebrate PAX Aus too and will be chatting about The Elder Scrolls: Online. Bethesda has also invited UFC Middle-Weight World Champ Rob Whittaker who’ll be joining Bethesda for PAX Aus.

Bethesda PAX Aus

DOOM fans are going to be very happy with Bethesda come PAX Aus because it is giving them the chance to go hands-on with DOOM Eternal before release. Bethesda has partnered with AMD to give attendees some game time at the AMD Booth all weekend.

There is also going to be some DOOM themed panels and events across PAX Aus. One of these is the Hell on Earth Queue Hall featuring “a hand-painted 28m long ‘History of DOOM’ mural on Knox St.”

Finally, there’s also going to be an amazing DOOM Hell on Earth kick-off party.

Not to let DOOM have all of the fun, The Elder Scrolls: Online and Fallout 76 will have a big presence at PAX Aus 2019.

Bethesda will be holding interactive Elder Scrolls Online photo opportunities, cosplay meetups, and an Elder Scrolls Online community meet-up at the Common Man. Special guest Rich Lambert will be on a host of panels including – but not limited to – Trivia with Bethesda, Writers Anonymous, MMORPG’s: Moving Backwards to Go Forward and more.

A special panel celebrating 25-years of The Elder Scrolls will take place n October 13 at 12.30 pm in the Ibis Theatre.

Fallout 76 will be featured across PAX Aus with the ANZ Fallout Cosplay Community meetup on Sunday.

Stay tuned for more details about Bethesda’s PAX Aus 2019 plans on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.