Vampyr and Call of Cthulhu are coming to Switch in October

Focus Home Interactive is bringing two great games to Switch next month. Vampyr and Call of Cthulhu were released for other platforms in 2018 and will finally become portable in October. This comes after Focus Home pledged to bring more of its titles to Nintendo’s platform. A new Farming Simulator is also planned for Switch, though no release date has been set.

However, we’re not here to talk about Farming Simulator.

Originally developed by DONTNOD and being ported by the Switch team at Saber InteractiveVampyr will be released for Switch on October 29, 2019. In Vampyr, players step into the shoes of newly minted vampire, Jonathon Reid as he tries to stop an epidemic from engulfing all of London. 

He’ll also have to try to suppress his bloodlust or give in and feed on the citizens he’s trying to protect. It features a robust combat system, some detective work and a whole lot of story.

In our review we wrote;

Vampyr has its flaws, but even with them, it’s a great game. I had a tremendous time exploring London, uncovering the mystery of its epidemic and learning about the role of vampires in society. Helping matters greatly is that Dr Reid is incredibly likeable and easy to empathise with. 

Vampyr Switch Release Date

Call of Cthulu, developed by Cyanide, will be coming to Switch on October 9, 2019.

Take on the role of Edward Pierce, a private investigator who’s seen better days. Nightmares and a difficult past already haunt him when strange visions seep into his tortured sleep. One thing is clear: truth and madness await you on the quiet island of Darkwater.

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