Hot Shot Burn is a party brawler now in early access on PC, coming to consoles in 2020

Artifex Mundi, developer of Irony Curtain, is very keen to get players involved with its latest game; Hot Shot Burn. Described as an “animated arena party brawler,” Hot Shot Burn is Gang Beasts meets Invader Zim. Currently in Early Access on PC, Hot Shot Burn ” brings the universe’s most formidable space gladiators together to battle it out in deadly 2 to 4 players, free-for-all combat for fame and glory.”

First available in open-beta, Hot Shot Burn was played for a total for “3369 minutes (2056 hours or 85 days).” Now, PC players can get it in Early Access for $14.99. Artifex Mundi has also stated that Hot Shot Burn will receive updated every month for free.

These include maps, characters and modes. There are also no loot boxes and no microtransactions.

Hot Shot Burn

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Gameplay in Hot Shot Burn is top-down and sees players trying to shoot their opponents to remove them from the game. It includes;

  • Fast-paced, unpredictable multiplayer action for 2-4 players
  • Play on the couch, online, or both!
  • Loads of arenas, each with unique hazards and rules
  • Feel the effects of powerful mutators that can warp reality and turn a match on its head.
  • Vibrant art style inspired by Saturday morning cartoons
  • Powered the thumping tunes of SYNTHWAVEEEEEEE!

The developers creating Hot Shot Burn are passionate about it. The team is hoping to give players an experience unlike those you get today and to give them something that’s simply pure fun.

I remember playing video games with my brother when we were young. We would goof around and laugh at each other and fight with our elbows. We made this game because we hope to take you back to these good times. So gather your buddies and beat the hell out of each other!

Greg Dalek, creative lead, Flaming Flamingo, internal dev team

PowerUp! is currently playing Hot Shot Burn and will publish our thoughts soon. For now, check out the videos and maybe check out the Early Access release on Steam.

Hot Shot Burn is coming to consoles in 2020.

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