Project Resistance is Capcom’s next Resident Evil game, may be a new Outbreak

Capcom has announced Project Resistance, the next game in the Resident Evil franchise. A website for the new project has been launched that teases the reveal of the game coming during Tokyo Game Show. The website reads, “Capcom is embarking on a new project. Watch the teaser trailer on September 9 at 3:00 PM [UTC]. Stay tuned for future updates.”

3 PM UTC is September 9 at 8 AM PT, 11 AM ET and September 10 at 1 AM AEST. The announcement trailer will be streamed on Resident Evil’s YouTube channel which is embedded below.

Very little is known about Project Resistance at this stage, however, from some internet sleuthing and some wishful thinking, fans have pieced together some possibilities.

Project Resistance Resident Evil

By running the above YouTube video through a thumbnail grabber, fans have been able to snag images of four human characters who look to be the heroes of the game.

The quality of these images is so low as they’re being pulled from the YouTube data. Because of these images, many fans are hoping that Project Resistance is a remake/reboot or sequel to Outbreak.

Resident Evil Outbreak and its sequel were co-operative (and online) games set within Raccoon City and play out through a number of scenarios. Outbreak was popular with Resident Evil fans and has long be a series that fans would like to see revived.

However, a poster on ResetEra claims to have knowledge that Project Resistance is a 4v1 asynchronous multiplayer game; think Evolve, Dead by Daylight etc.

The poster — a mod, Jawmuncher — offers no proof of the claim but does add that Project Resistance will have a large presence at TGS.

Whatever it is, Resident Evil fans won’t have to wait much longer to find out. Capcom will reveal Project Resistance on September 10 at 1 AM AEST. Attendees of TGS will be able to play Project Resistance and meet the development team.

What do you think it is?

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