Want To Get Rid Of Cheaters In Ranked Play? Here’s How

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Not only in battle royales, but pretty much in any other game, cheating can become really annoying for other players. Despite this, it appears like all sorts of hacking and cheating still remain the biggest issues in one of the worlds’ favourite battle royale game, Apex Legends.

Not so long ago, Respawn finally launched the second season of the game and season three isn’t far away. Fans all over the globe love Apex Legendsso much. In the new season, we can observe quite a few changes and new content, which is very exciting.

However, the developers failed to address those essential issues. Moreover, not only did Respawn fail to fight cheating, with the release of the second season, they have actually given rise to more and more cheaters making their way to the divisions with higher ranks.

How to Stop Cheaters

Although there are still many players who use the special Apex Tracker to keep track of their statistics and honestly make their way to the top, there are also many cheaters.

Every day, on social media, we see lots of game’s fans from all over the world complain about this problem. One user from the EU even claims that servers in his regions are simply unplayable due to these issues.

The user of Reddit with a nickname Pjeh highlights that there is more than one cheater in each game. Due to this reason, he suggests Respawn do something about it ASAP, and he also offers a few possible solutions that could help fight to cheat:

  • Better players’ authentication – Pjeh claims that requiring users who join ranked play to authenticate with their phone numbers will limit cheaters who use multiple accounts for higher rankings.
  • Integrate an anti-cheat department – the user also insists that shaping a dedicated team of 5-10 people, who will be looking for hackers, is also an effective way to limit cheating.
  • Set max level requirement for ranked play eligibility – currently, anyone with a level 10 or higher can play ranked. The user suggests Respawn take this limit up to the max level (100). This will require every user to play a lot to become eligible for a ranked play and, thus, getting cheaters caught should be much easier.
  • Use FaceIt to limit cheating – in the world of online gaming, FaceIt has earned a pretty solid reputation of a reliable and prominent league and tournament organizer. If Respawn partners up with it for a ranked play, this should help catch cheaters.

There are no more doubts left that cheating and hacking has already become a critical issue in Apex Legends. However, it is hard to predict whether any of the suggested methods will limit it.

The only way to check the effectiveness of such measures is to integrate and test them. After all, such steps should have at least some effect, which is already better than nothing.

In any case, we expect Respawn to apply some changes sometime soon until cheating in the game gets to the point when it affects the players’ experience so much that they start looking for other battle royales.

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