Capcom confirms Monster Hunter World: Iceborne beta for console

Capcom has announced that ahead of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s release on PS4 and Xbox One, a beta will be held for both consoles. The expansion will be released on September 6 but before it is, PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to get their hands-on for a few days.

Beginning on August 30 at 5 pm AEST for PS4 players and September 2 at 5 pm for Xbox One players, the beta will include Great Jagras (Beginner), Barbaro (Intermediate) and Tigrex (Expert) quests as well as the flagship monster Velkhana.

These beta sessions are the first time players will get to take on Velkhana which uses it’s frosty Dragon breath to ruin anyone who comes calling.

MHW Iceborne Beta

During these Iceborne beta sessions, players will be able to test out all 14 weapon types across the four available quests and in the training area. These weapons included new features from the expansion and the new Slinger tool options.

When completing each of the four quests for the first time in the beta, players can earn up to four commendation packs which will have items that can be used in the full release of Iceborne.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne launches for PS4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2019.

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