Home Guide Control Guide – What do the desk toys do in Synchronicity Lab?

Control Guide – What do the desk toys do in Synchronicity Lab?

Control Guide – What do the desk toys do in Synchronicity Lab?

In Control there are many suspicious and mysterious areas, items and rooms. Some are simply designed to be that way while others are puzzles waiting to be solved. The group of 12 desk toys in the Synchronicity Lab is one of the latter. Solving it will grant you a Mod and the satisfaction of being one step closer to fully completing Control.

If you’d rather no spoilers regarding Control then read no further. These are only minor spoilers for a side-mission and don’t spoil the main story or any of the main missions. However, if you don’t want to know anything, read no further.

Control Synchronicity

In the Synchronicity Lab, there is a Level 06 Clearance Door that you’re unable to access until late into the game. Once you can gain access, you’re able to take on the Self-Reflection side-mission which will grant you access to the additional six desk toys.

The Mirror Altered Item will allow you to travel to a Mirror Realm which is a mirror image of the world of Control. Inside, you’ll find a mirror image of the Synchronicity Lab, complete with six additional desk toys.

To solve the puzzle, you’ll need to make all six desk toys in each world (mirror and normal) swing in sync. You can watch how we did it in the video below. However, we have to stress that at this point it’s not clear if you need to activate the toys in a specific order or with specific timing or both.

Once you get all six swinging in sync, the screen will begin to shake as though there’s an earthquake. When this happens, travel to the other world and do the same for the six toys there. When you get the screen to shake in this second world (be it mirrored or real) you’ll solve the puzzle and get your reward.

Control is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.