Control Guide – How to Restart the Punchcard Terminals

During the mission ‘Old Boys’ Club’ in Control, you’ll need to restart Dr Casper Darling’s HRA Machine by inputting the correct punchcards into five machines. This takes place in Darling’s HRA Lab in the Research sector and is where you’ll meet Marshall for the first time. When you arrive, the HRA Machine is offline, so it’s up to you to get it going again.

Scattered around the Lab and in the control room upstairs are a number of whiteboards with odd, 3D, cubic designs drawn on them. These are the key to the HRA Punchcard terminals.

Overall, there are three whiteboards and five punchcards. By studying the whiteboards, you’re able to figure out which punchcards go in which terminals.

Control Punchcard Terminals

If we take a look at the first whiteboard, we are seemingly given the first and fourth punchcard patterns. When we look at the second whiteboard, the fourth pattern has changed, but we can see a scribble that suggests the pattern in fourth position here is actually the fifth pattern.

Finally, on the third whiteboard, we can see the patterns for the second and third punchcard terminals, however, as per the additional arrow, we know we need to switch them around.

If you’re struggling, check out the gallery below for all five answers.

Once you put each of the five punchcards into the correct terminals, you can activate the HRA Machine and complete the ‘Old Boys’ Club’ mission.

Control is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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