Blizzard still has no plans to release Hearthstone on Switch

Back in February 2018, I quizzed Blizzard about the rumours that it would be releasing Hearthstone on Nintendo Switch. Speaking with Designer Dean Ayala about a Hearthstone Switch release, he said that there were “no plans to move Hearthstone to the Nintendo Switch.”

While I listed reasons why Hearthstone on Switch wouldn’t be ideal anyway, Nintendo fans were still understandably miffed. One of the reasons I listed was the issue of cross-platform play. In 2019, this is no longer an issue, especially on Switch.

Additionally, with the release of Diablo III on Switch, it seemed like Blizzard may be more receptive to a Hearthstone release on Nintendo’s console.

Hearthstone Switch

In my recent interview with Dave Kosak and Mike Donais of Blizzard, the two spoke about how they want the future of Hearthstone to see more players. In fact, their ideal goal would be to see everyone playing Hearthstone.

In light of that and Diablo III on Switch, I asked if there was the possibility of Hearthstone on Switch. Mike Donais told me;

We can already play on our phones, tablets, PCs and our Macs. So, there are no plans.

Sorry Switch owners. There are still no plans for Hearthstone on your console of choice.

Read my full interview with Donais and Kosak about Saviors of Uldum here.

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