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Warframe Podcast Episode 55: Dog Days

Warframe Podcast Episode 55: Dog Days

It was an interesting week in Warframe this week – we got some little updates during the week on all platforms, but more than that, DE dropped a completely new and very strange event on us this weekend! They’ve called the event “Dog Days” and it’s intended as a light-hearted PvE Arena event with water guns. While it is very light on game mode content, the grind for the collectibles is real. The Cephalons have a good chat about what this has brought to the game, and where we’d like to see some of the ideas implemented here evolve to…


  • News: PC, Xbox, PS4 and Switch updates, new [DE]constructing podcast episode, and some weekend events!
  • Discussion: Dog Days, what we like, don’t like, and where we’d like to see an event like this evolve to from here
  • Beginner topic: tips to get through the mid-game power slump
  • Advanced topic: farmable ephemera

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