Warframe Podcast Episode 49 – TheGreat Wukong Rework

The new Wukong rework is so damned impressive we had to dedicate a whole discussion to it – seriously, he’s like a whole new frame now, and he’s REALLY worth checking out. Have a listen to find out why.

And don’t forget that next week is the big episode 50, which we will be livestreaming everywhere we can. Keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for the details.


  • News: The Wukong rework has hit PC, and is coming soon to console, there’s a platinum sale on Switch, and DE has announced the special guests for TennoCon 2019
  • Discussion: The Great Wukong Rework
  • Beginner topic: good early frames to chase
  • Advanced topic:Kitguns pt2 – Pax arcanes

Warframe Podcast

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