Panasonic Previews Transparent OLED TV

During a launch event for its 2019 audio and visual products, Panasonic showcased a new transparent OLED TV. Whilst it’s only in the prototype stage for the moment, Panasonic’s new transparent OLED TV is a striking new piece of tech that marries modern design with high-grade picture quality.

Check out this video of the transparent OLED in action.

Transparent OLED TV

As you can see, when the panel is switched off it becomes completely transparent; thereby allowing consumers to enjoy a stylish bookcase. 

It’s an incredible piece of tech that Panasonic is hoping will find legs in the commercial space. In introducing the prototype, the company discussed its potential in B2B situations, presentations, etc. 

However, there’s also potential in the home market, as well. While the price entry would be considerable for first generation units, a transparent OLED panel would invite a bevy of creativity within the home décor space.

Endless Possibilities

While the prototype Panasonic had on display featured a bookcase design (complete with wooden speakers along the base of the panel), the final design possibilities are endless.

A Panasonic representative told me that the company is currently undertaking market research and design workshops to figure out how many different designs to offer/produce. 

As to exactly what those possibilities are is better left to more creative minds than me; however, there’s no denying the immense potential of this incredible technology.

Jayden Williams attended the launch event as a guest of Panasonic Australia.

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