Home News Kingdom Come Deliverance DLC casts you as a woman named Theresa

Kingdom Come Deliverance DLC casts you as a woman named Theresa

Kingdom Come Deliverance DLC casts you as a woman named Theresa

The fourth Kingdom Come Deliverance DLC is now available, on Steam for PC at least. Titled ‘A Woman’s Lot,’ the DLC stars Theresa and her dog Tinker and is set in Skalitz before the siege seen in the game.

The fourth Kingdom Come Deliverance DLC also includes an additional standalone quest for Henry.

A Woman’s Lot is a backer reward for those who funded the game and is separately available on Steam. It’s also included in the Royal Edition of Kingdom Come Deliverance which is also now available for PC.

Kingdom Come Deliverance DLC

Theresa’s standlone questline players will experience everyday life in Skalitz and eventually witness Sigismund’s siege of the town from an all-new perspective.

Warhorse Studio’s writes;

Armed with fortitude and dignity, she faces the coming days with a smile on her lips. And since God moves in mysterious ways, none of us can know the lot we shall have to bear. But it is often those of whom we least expect it who encounter an extraordinary destiny…

Henry’s quest in the fourth DLC is called The Madonna of Sasau and in it he has to help Johanka, a friend from Skalitz who escaped.

Included in Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition is;

  • All DLC, including the most recent
  • Double-Sided Poster featuring A Woman’s Lot Artwork and world map
  • 15cm tall Polyresin Figurine of Theresa, painted in silver and with an antique finish
  • Selection of the official Kingdom Come: Deliverance soundtrack on Audio-CD
  • Deliverance – Making of Kingdom Come and Fechtbuch: The Real Swordfighting behind Kingdom Come on Blu-Ray
  • Decorative Metal-Pin with Kingdom Come Deliverance Logo

We reviewed Kingdom Come Deliverance on release and wrote;

If RPGs are your jam and you’re a history buff, Kingdom Come Deliverance may scratch an itch you never knew you had.

It’s not perfect by any stretch, but there really is something about it that makes it a game you’ll have a hard time putting down.

The Royal Edition and fourth DLC are both now available on PC.