Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers – Changes are coming to Side Quests

While in London, attending the Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers preview event, I got a great overview of the game and I also learned about big changes coming to the expansion.

Some changes that stood out in particular were those being made to Side Quests.

With the introduction of Shadowbringers and patch 5.0, Side Quests are being revamped to make them more worthwhile, more rewarding and useful for levelling up multiple jobs.

Shadowbringers Side Quests

First things first, Side Quests in Shadowbringers will be level-synced. This means that every Side Quest in patch 5.0 can be played at level 70. For those who don’t know, level 70 is the starting level for Shadowbringers.

By making Side Quests level-synced, enemies will be scaled to the player’s level which will mean EXP earned is higher. Yoshida envisions players using these level-synced Side Quests to level up mutliple jobs without having to grind for it.

It certainly makes using multiple jobs and levelling them up seem far more attractive. It will definitely make playing Side Quests more challenging and enjoyable.

Unfortunately, my hands-on time with Shadowbringers did not include any quests of any type so I wasn’t able to test the level-synced Side Quests. That being said, if you’ve played Final Fantasy 14, it’s not too difficult to imagine what level-synced Side Quests will be like.

Leo Stevenson travelled to London, UK as a guest of Square Enix. Flights, Meals and Accommodation were provided by Square Enix.

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