Warframe’s Jovian Concord update now available on PC

Long in development as the “Gas City refresh”, the Jovian concord update has finally hit the PC today. Once the initial bugs have been ironed out, we expect it will then be submitted to cert for consoles. I don’t expect to see it hit consoles within the next week or two – but it will be worth it.

Initially touted as a refresh of the Gas City (Jupiter) tileset, it has grown into so much more, now shipping with new enemies, a new storyline, and a new high-level boss fight, which apparently can only be attempted if players have completed the Chimera Prologue – currently the last Quest in the main story arc.

Take a look at our notes below to see what’s coming.

Warframe Update

What to expect in this update

A lot, actually, as this is technically a mainline update. That means there are a lot of major changes, as well as a lot of little Quality of Life changes that have built up over time. Including:

  • Jupiter tileset refresh
  • Jovian Concord: a new storyline centred around Alad V (not Quest-based)
  • New enemies – Amalgams: Corpus-Sentient hybrids…
  • New game mode: Ganymede on Jupiter will host the new Game Mode, Disruption. In this mode, players need to collect colour-coded keys to use in conduits of the same colour. These then need to be defended from waves of enemies, and can be repeated over and over for new rewards. The Ganymede node can only be played after players have completed the “Natah” quest.
  • New boss – the Ropalolyst: a giant winged enemy that can only be encountered once players have completed the Chimera Prologue quest…
  • New warframe – Wisp: the ethereal frame, Wisp bring support, movement, and damage-dealing Abilities to enable players to control the battlefield
  • New weapons
  • Nyx Deluxe skin: plus Syandana and Shotgun skin
  • New mods: a total of 13 new mods, 9 of which are part of 3 new mod sets (Aero, Motus, Proton sets)
  • … and much more!

If you’re after more details, click here to read the full forum patch notes; otherwise, check out the awesome trailer below!

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