John Wick Hex is exclusive to the Epic Games Store

John Wick Hex, the action-strategy game from Mike Bithell, is coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store for PC and Mac.

While John Wick Hex is in development for consoles, the PC/Mac version is coming to Epic’s storefront only. As of writing, you can get a copy for $7.99 USD with the pre-purchase discount and $10 USD Epic discount.

Designed to make players feel like the John Wick of the films, John Wick Hex has been designed in collaboration with the stunts team of the films.

Fight-Choreographed Chess

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Seeking to capture the signature gun-fu of the films it also adds to the ever-expanding story and universe of the films. In the game, players need to cheese each action and attack in order.

In doing so, they’ll need to consider the enemies and environment around them so as to see the consequences of their actions before they occur.

Playing through the main story, specifically created for the game, will see players rewarded with weapons, suits and levels. New weapons open up new strategic options and will change how each scenario is approached.

Like in the films, ammo is scarce so players will need to make sure they reload at the appropriate moment to maximise their chances of survival and make the most of each shot.

Ian McShane and Lance Reddick both lend their voice talents to the game with others to be announced at a later date.

John Wick Hex is coming to PC (exclusively on the Epic Games Store) and consoles later this year.

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