Get yourself a fluffy sheep plush with Catherine Full Body

Cathering Full Body is coming to PS4 in September. A remaster of the PS3 title from Atlus, Full Body includes a third love-interest, new gameplay, new story beats and an online mode.

Players will also get access to DLC and be able to play as Joker from Persona 5.

If you’re unfamiliar with Catherine, it’s a puzzle/platform/adventure game that stars Vincent. Unhappy with his long-term girlfriend Katherine, he can’t commit and has a drunken one-night stand with alluring girl Cathering who he meets in a bar.

Due to his infidelity, Vincent spends every night in a nightmare real where he’s forced to climb a tower or fall to his death. If he dies in his dream, he dies in real-life. This nightmare realm is punishment for men who commit adultey and the only way out is to come clean.

Catherine Full Body

In Catherine Full Body a third ‘Rin’ (Qatherine) appears to complicate matters further. Atlus describes her as follows.

As tensions rise between Katherine and Catherine, a third “Rin” serves as Vincent’s calm amid the storm.

The two met under tumultuous circumstances as Rin was fleeing an unknown pursuer, but life soon returns to normal… or as normal as it can be when all you remember is your name.

Catherine Full Body will be available in two editions when it launches; Heart’s Desire Premium and Launch Edition.

The Launch or Standard Edition includes the game and a special steelcase. However, if you want to get your hands on the special sheep plush, you’ll want the Heart’s Desire Premium Edition.

It includes;

  • Sheep Plush: Be a part of the herd with a fluffy Sheep Plush, complete with Vincent’s pink polka dot boxers! (Approximately 5” in length)
  • Soundtrack CD: The perfect pairing for a full-bodied bottle of wine – this CD contains a compilation of musical tracks from Catherine: Full Body.
  • Hardcover Art Book: Lead Designer Shigenori Soejima’s tantalizing illustrations fill this gorgeous hardcover art book.
  • Metal Case: Protect your deepest, darkest secrets in this metal game case featuring Rin, Catherine, and Katherine.

Catherine Full Body Heart’s Desire Premium Edition costs $129.95 AUD.

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