Home News The Soviets have joined the battle in World of Warships

The Soviets have joined the battle in World of Warships

The Soviets have joined the battle in World of Warships

Wargaming has announced that with update 0.8.3 to World of Warships it has introduced early access to the brand-new Soviet Battleship line. In addition, the new ‘Victory’ competition gives players a daily activity and new exclusive rewards.

Also included in the update is the return of the collaboration with Azur Lane and Makoto Kobayashi’s mecha/spaceship flavoured camo for the Japanese Tier X Battleship Yamato.

With early access to Soviet Battleships, the new Victory competition, returning Azur Lane ships and commanders and the new camo for the Yamato, there’s plenty to explore in World of Warships.

Soviet World of Warships

In the gallery above you can see;

  • The returning Azur Lane content
  • Two new Azur Lane ships and 15 unique commanders
  • Four Soviet Battleships
    • Tier V Pyotr Velikiy
    • Tier VI Izmail
    • Tier VII Sinop
    • Tier VIII Vladivostok
  • Port of Glory and Honor Port for the Victory competition
  • The Yamato camo

The Victory competition is your key to getting access to the Soviets in World of Warships. Every day, players select whether they’ll fight for Honor or Glory.

By performing well, players will earn Allowance tokens used for exclusive Armory rewards. These rewards include Tier VII Soviet premium ship Lazo and special Victory containers that have a chance to unlock one of the four new ships.

Whichever team wins, the next day they’ll be faced with a much tougher win condition. Should they be able to claim victory, they’ll earn even better rewards.

All four of the Soviet ships are as Wargaming describes;

made for daring players. Contrary to their other nations’ counterparts, these heavily armoured ships are equipped with powerful calibre guns and are best used at close to medium ranges.

This aggressive design will allow players to punch through the enemy lines, leading the way for their fleet and dealing massive damage to their opponents in the process

As for the Japanese warship Yamato, Makoto Kobayashi returns to World of Warships with the new, special permanent camo. Additionally, the Yamato has been given a makeover.

World of Warships’ developers updated the ship’s model with additional details so that the Yamato appears exactly as it did in real-life before setting sail for the final time.

Finally, update 0.8.3 improves World of Warships in a number of ways. This includes a new Treasury building for Clans, improved signals and camo installations and more.

Update 0.8.3 is available now.