Geek Punk is a Brand-New Gaming Show from Skaidris Gunsmith of Beta Bar

Launching today is a brand-new punk-flavoured, positive focused gaming show. Geek Punk is hosted by Skaidris Gunsmith (Beta Bar) and Scooter Stevens and will release new episodes daily. The show will focus on the gameplay of the games with Gunsmith and Stevens providing voiceover, discussions and hilarious running commentary.

While you won’t see Gunsmith and Stevens physically appear on the show, Geek Punk is planning to host “epic couch streams” which will be held periodically.

These special event streams will see Geek Punk go live and bring the same punk rock values that fuel the recorded sessions.

Geek Punk YouTube

According to Gunsmith, Geek Punk has been in development for “the past few months.” With Beta Bar closing on May 24, 2019, Gunsmith and Beta Bar DJ Stevens have created Geek Punk as a geeky outlet for their passions and to continue to create ‘positive gaming content.’

The first three episodes of Geek Punk are available to view on YouTube now. New episodes will be released twice daily Monday through Friday and once a day Saturday and Sunday.

The first batch of episodes features Sonic Mania and Katamari Damacy Reroll with the former releasing in the morning and the latter in the afternoon. 

Geek Punk is Skaidris Gunsmith (Beta Bar / Suddenly Drunk) and Scooter Stevens who are both Geeks who both have years of experience in the Geek and Punk scenes and believe in Punk Rock values and want to make positive gaming content.

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You can follow Geek Punk on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Twitch.

New episodes will be released at 8 am and 4 pm AEST weekdays and Midday Saturday and Sunday. Check out the first episode below.

You can follow Skaidris Gunsmith and Scooter Stevens on their socials.

Theme song by MC Lars. Character Artwork by Hissy.

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