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Check out these custom PCs at IEM 2019

Check out these custom PCs at IEM 2019

For IEM 2019, Intel has brought hardware vendors and brand partners from all over the country to Sydney. 

Nowhere is that more evident than the show floor, when MSI, Intel, Acer and others are all giving attendees hands-on time when they aren’t watching the matches. 

One display that caught my eye though, was a selection of display systems built by the hardware stores in attendance. 

This is one great display that showcases the skills of PC builders from around the country. From down in Victoria, Scorptec has a super clean blue and white Corsair Crystal 570X system, built with an i7-9700K and an Asus RTX 2080. 

From up in Sydney, JW Computers has a very sci-fi looking Inwin system beefed out with an Asus Strix RTX 2080, a powerhouse i9-9900K, and some RGB bling on the RAM and all-in-one liquid cooler.

It’s a range of custom systems that showcases how different builders can have a totally different style using the same hardware. Some are clean and focused, while others are suited up to the nines and wearing more bling than a late-night lounge singer. 

Anyone looking to build a new system should take a look here, these systems are all perfectly achievable for the average gamer, not all custom and impossible, but very impressive nonetheless. 

My pick of the litter has to be the CentreCom Cougar chassis, blinged out with a custom RGB panel, full custom water-cooling loop and an RTX 2080 / i7-9700K combo. 

Check out the full display in the gallery below 

Scorptec i7 -9700k / Corsair Crystal 570x

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