What Accessories Can You Unlock in BoxBoy! + BoxGirl!?

In BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! as you complete levels you earn medals and tokens. You can spend the medals and the tokens on items in the shop including music, comics, mini-games, assist items and cosmetic accessories. 

You earn medals by completing levels by only using a set amount of boxes. Each level has three different sets of box numbers which decrease in number. For example, a level may require you use less than 15 boxes, less than 8 boxes and less than 4 boxes. Each of these requirements will earn you 2 medals if you succeed.

In the shop, you can trade in 30 medals at a time to unlock a new accessory from the Dress-Up Box. This capsule machine gives you a random accessory each time and there are dozens to unlock. At the time of writing we’ve unlocked the following;

  • Head
    • Mohawk
    • Sailor Hat
    • Woolly Hat
    • Stripy Hat
    • Top Hat
    • Bolt
    • Squid Hat
    • Antenna
    • White Hair
    • 7:3 Split
    • Crown
    • Cat Ears
    • Ponytail
    • Tiara
    • Fragment of Courage (Earned by completing all levels)

  • Eyes
    • Swirly Glasses
    • Eye Mask
    • Eye Patch
    • Starry Eyes
    • Snorkel
    • Night Owl
    • VR Headset
    • Blank
    • Glasses
    • Eyelashes
    • Thick Eyebrows
    • Masked Crusader
  • Bubblegum
    • Curly Mustache
    • Kissy Lips
    • Buckteeth
    • Bandanna
    • Big Nose
    • Grin
    • White Mustache
    • Blone Mustache

  • Body
    • Loincloth
    • Striped
    • Woolly Scarf
    • Sailor Suit
    • Devil Tail
    • Golden Cloak
    • Overalls
    • Freckles
    • Neckerchief
    • Zombie
    • Cape
    • Patches

There are bound to be many more included in the game, so let us know in the comments below which ones you have.

BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! is available now for Switch.

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