Fortnite World Cup Creative will see 15 finalists face off for a share of $3 million USD

In February, Epic Games announced the Fortnite World Cup. This event, featuring an insane $100 million USD prize pool, will take place in New York City July 26 through 28. Today, Epic has announced that Fortnite Creative will feature at the event with a world cup of its own.

That’s right, it’s the Fortnite World Cup Creative. Not the snappiest name, but never mind as this event will see 15 finalists battling for a share of $3 million USD. 

The lead up to the Fortnite World Cup Creative will see five qualifying rounds that are open to anyone who plays Fortnite

Fortnite World Cup Creative

The five qualifying rounds will be showcases of Fortnite Creative. Every week, a brand-new Creative trial will be available for players to try. To be considered for the World Cup, simply upload your best clip from the trial using the event-specific hashtag on YouTube.

Epic Games’ hand-picked Fortnite Captains will choose the top YouTube clips as winners. These winners will then travel to New York City in July to take part in the Creative World Cup.

The very first Creative Trial has been built by Cizzorz who will also serve as the judge in this instance. If you want to get involved in the Creative Trials, stay tuned to Fortnite’s social channels. Over the next few weeks, more Trials will be announced and there will be more chances for you to enter.

Fortnite World Cup will take place in New York City July 26 through 28.

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