Fire Emblem Three Houses’ Classification in Australia Looks to Have Outed Online Multiplayer

Fire Emblem Three Houses is coming to Switch in July. It’s the first console release in the series since 2007’s Radiant Dawn and was preceded by the 3DS release Fire Emblem Fates

Players take on the role of Byleth while teaching three, star pupils; Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude. The Officer’s Academy is located at the very centre of the continent of Fódlan.

Three nations, Adrestian Empire, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus and the Leicester Alliance meet at the centre and each shares the Officer’s Academy. 

Even though we know what to expect from a Fire Emblem game, much of Three Houses is still a mystery. However, thanks to the Australian Classification Board, it looks likely that Fire Emblem Three Houses will have online multiplayer.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Multiplayer

On Nintendo’s official website for Fire Emblem Three Houses, in the Game Info section, it reads, “No. of Players To be determined.” This in itself sort of gives the game away. If it was a purely single-player title, it would say that the number of players is one. 

Additionally, Fire Emblem Fates on 3DS shipped with online multiplayer. When Fire Emblem Fates launched in Japan in 2015, fans were stunned to learn of the online multiplayer features as Nintendo had not announced it prior to release. According to a report by Gematsu at the time. The report also stated;

Online matches consist of five-versus-five batttles with a team of units selected from one of your save files from any point in the game. You can play online with players on your friends list, with random players, or locally.

Considering that the previous release in the series had online multiplayer and on 3DS no less, it seems obvious that Three Houses would include it too. However, at this stage, Nintendo has not mentioned anything about multiplayer, online or otherwise. 

Thankfully, the game has recently been rated by the Australian Classification Board and has been rated M for Mature Themes and Violence and Online InteractivityThere isn’t any other information aside from the fact that the game has “Online Interactivity” but we can infer that this means we will be able to play online multiplayer in Fire Emblem Three Houses.

For now, it’s not certain, but we’d be very surprised if Fire Emblem Three Houses on Switch doesn’t include online multiplayer. We’ll find out when it launches on July 25, 2019.

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