Sea of Thieves is getting competitive mode The Arena and story-content Tall Tales

On Inside Xbox earlier today, Rare’s Joe Neate, Sea of Thieves Executive Producer presented some updates coming to the open-world pirate game. 

The two biggest pieces of content coming to Sea of Thieves are The Arena and Tall Tales. The Arena is a competitive mode that focuses on PvP in short bursts of combat.

Tall Tales, on the other hand, are “immersive new quests” that take players all over the game world. The first of these — Shores of Gold — is a story of “love, honor and betrayal in search of the mythical Shores of Gold.”

Sea of Thieves

According to Rare, The Arena takes the best parts of Sea of Thieves and condenses them into 24-minute matches. 

Battles in The Arena will take place across land and sea and will reward players with bounties and more. The Sea Dogs faction are the group hosting these battles.

The Sea Dogs are run by Lesedi and DeMarco Singh, twins and rivals who embody the spirit of The Arena – lively and sometimes savage competition tempered by mutual respect. 

Similar to Fallout 76‘s survival mode, The Arena has been designed to accommodate the players who enjoy the PvP aspects of the game. 

The maps are smaller and force players together, while those looking to enjoy the story can play the regular mode.

Tall Tales are “epic story-driven quests that play out in the shared world.” Rare says that Shores of gold will delve

deeper into the lore of our favourite pirate paradise. Follow a series of narrative adventures surrounding existing and all-new characters, taking you to undiscovered places and revealing surprising new gameplay features.

Fans of the expanded game universe will recognise some of the iconic characters and locations in Shores of Gold, yet this is only the beginning of a series of Tall Tales that will allow players to immerse themselves in the legends of Sea of Thieves.

Finally, a new Trading Company, The Hunter’s Call, is being added to Sea of Thieves. This gives players all-new activities including fishing, cooking and hunting.

All of this is available in the Anniversary Update which will be rolled out on April 30.

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