The Elder Scrolls Legends invites you to join the Alliance War from today

Bethesda has announced that the latest expansion for The Elder Scrolls Legends, Alliance War, is available today. This new expansion, inspired by the war of alliances within The Elder Scrolls Online, Alliance War lets players of the card game enter the battle between the five alliances. 

On the line is the Ruby Throne and the fate of the entire Empire is at stake.

As part of Alliance War, players will be introduced to over 100 new cards and more.

The Elder Scrolls Legends Alliance War

Players can now purchase Alliance War card packs in-game. These packs include;

  • Over 100+ new cards to collect in Legends‘ latest pack-based expansion!
  • Five new triple-attribute factions:
    • The Aldmeri Dominion (Intelligence/Willpower/Agility)
    • The Empire of Cyrodil (Willpower/Agility/Endurance)
    • The Ebonheart Pact (Agility/Endurance/Strength)
    • The Daggerfall Covenant (Endurance/Strength/Intelligence)
    • The Guildsworn (Strength/Intelligence/Willpower)
  • New mechanics:
    • Empower – Boost the power of your cards each time you damage an opponent!
    • Mobilize – Play an item with Mobilize in an empty lane and summon a Recruit to wield it!
    • Veteran – Creatures with Veteran become stronger once they get their first taste of battle!
    • Expertise – Obtain useful effects if you’ve played an action, item or support card that turn!
  • All-new playmat, visual effects and music tracks

Bethesda is stating that The Elder Scrolls Legends Alliance War expansion is going to be the biggest meta shakeup in the history of the game. According to Bethesda;

2019 is going to be a big year for Legends. Alliance War will be joined by three more full pack-based expansions along with PvP Events, new card backs, esports events and so much more before the year has concluded. 

Check the roadmap above for more details.

Alliance War is available now.

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