Rumour – Watch Dogs 3 is set in London

According to theories based on the ending of Watch Dogs 2, that is. A 10GB update released for Watch Dogs 2 in 2017 added a range of cosmetics to the game, in addition to a conversation during the final cutscene.

This conversation, which you can watch here, is between two unknown characters. It goes like this;

Man 1: How much of this is hyperbole? Has it really gone global?

Man 2: There are new Dedsec cells popping up everywhere. The Middle East, South America, Europe. And not just them. We can’t even keep up with all the new hacktivist groups.

Man 1: Alright. Make the call.

Man 2: You Sure?

Man 1: Do it

At the top of their conversation is a file name made up of some numbers.

Watch Dogs 3 London

The numbers — 51.462014, -0.112504 — point to Brixton, London.

When Kotaku asked Ubisoft about the co-ordinates at the time, the response was;

the production team wanted to include a little something extra at the end of campaign expand watch dogs lore and hint potential future dedsec.

Now, following the discovery of an Assassin’s Creed Viking Easter Egg in The Division 2Kotaku has seemingly confirmed that Watch Dogs 3 will take place in London.

In his post about the Viking themed Assassin’s Creed, Jason Schreier drops this subtle bomb;

A new patch for Watch Dogs 2 also dropped a major clue for Watch Dogs 3, telling the world that it would be set in London (which it is).

A journalist saying something is so, when it hasn’t been confirmed by the developer/publisher is obviously not gospel. However, with his track record, Schreier is one journalist that can generally be taken at his word.

Combined with the odd addition of the post release teaser in Watch Dogs 2 and we’re willing to bet that Watch Dogs 3 will take place in London.

Here’s hoping Ubisoft makes an announcement sooner rather than later.

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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