Warcraft Rerelease – The Orcs are Approaching

The sound of war drums and scores of heavily armed warriors approach…

Blizzard and GOG.COM have teamed up again. Hot on the heels of the successful rerelease of Diablo comes Warcraft Orcs & Humans and Warcraft II; including both expansions. This takes players back to the roots of the Warcraft franchise.

Available now for PC and Mac, it’s time to sharpen your swords and pledge allegiance to Humans or Orcs in these genre-defining RTS masterpieces.

Warcraft Rerelease

Warcraft Orcs & Humans lets players play out the events of the initial invasion of Azeroth. If you’ve seen the Warcraft movie you’re already somewhat familiar with this story.

Raise an army of savages or valiant soldiers and wreak bloody havoc on your enemies. Fully optimised to run on modern machines, Warcraft Orcs & Humans is a timeless classic despite how dated it looks.

Blood on the High Seas

Warcraft II and its expansions will be more familiar to newer players.

It introduced naval combat and allowed players to wage war on the high seas. It also explained why the Proudmoore family are so important to the Alliance.

Meet familiar faces as Trolls, Elves, Dwarves, Goblins and Ogres join the battle, pledging their allegiance to what we now recognise as the Alliance and the Horde. Flex on the enemy with some Death Knights, as they make their presence known for the first time in Warcraft story.

Warcraft II will be released as two versions of the game. The first has been updated with support for high-res displayers and supports LAN gaming.

Which I am super hyped about, LAN is back baby!

The second version includes the original SVGA graphics and an authentic old-school classic Battle.Net experience.

You Require More Gold!

If you’re a fan of the Warcraft franchise, then be sure to pick up both of these titles from GOG.COMWarcraft Orcs & Humans will run you $8.99 AUD while the larger, longer and multiplayer Warcraft II will cost you $13.99 AUD.

This includes both versions of the rerelease as well as the Tides of Darkness and Beyond the Dark Portal expansions. If like me, you’re mad keen to get both, grab the Warcraft Bundle for $21.99 AUD.

Remember to keep your eyes peeled for future Blizzard releases as they continue to partner with GOG.COM. I’m personally crossing all my fingers and toes for The Lost Vikings to be rereleased soon.

Come on Blizzard, do the right thing. Give us the Vikings.

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