Mogul and Melbourne Melee join forces for LAN and online tournaments

Mogul, the esports platform, has just announced its partnership with Melbourne Melee. Melbourne’s competitive Smash Bros community, Melbourne Melee organises and hosts tournaments, get-togethers, LAN events and streams for Smash Bros. 

In addition to Smash Bros, Melbourne Melee also host other fighting game communities and reach upwards of 15,000 concurrent viewers for its streams.

This announcement comes hot on the heels of Mogul’s partnership with Legacy Esports and broadens the platforms reach in Australia. 

Mogul Melbourne Melee

Melbourne Melee’s events hosted on Mogul will allow players to compete for cash prizes. Those who are already part of the Melbourne Melee community will also be able to compete in special ‘partner-branded’ tournaments and Mogul tournaments. 

These tournaments will, in addition to offering cash prizes, act as qualifiers for national and international tournaments.

Melbourne Melee President, Cailan Kingsbury, said;

This partnership allows us to bring our community together on a platform that offers them a better experience, more access to events and exposure to the broader esports and gaming community. We look forward to growing with the Mogul team.

Mogul and Melbourne Melee’s partnership is the first time the esports platform has partnered with an organising body in support of local, community-based competition. By working together, Mogul and Melbourne Melee will support “online community and expansion into the Australian market.”

Mogul’s Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer, Jamie Skella said;

This is one of many future partnerships of this kind which gives us the opportunity to support grassroots through state-of-art tournament technology which is already in-market, a superior user experience, and a mutually beneficial financial model.

This gives organisers like Melbourne Melee the opportunity to do bigger and better things for their community as they continue to grow with Mogul.

Mogul and Melbourne Melee will be providing a number of events in the future. Stay tuned for upcoming fighting game events.

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