Esports platform Mogul partners with Adelaide Crows owned Legacy Esports

Mogul is an esports platform that describes itself as;

An ASX listed esports business that seamlessly brings together players, game developers and tournament organisers to an innovative world of competitive online gaming. 

At our core is the world’s best esports tournament and matchmaking platform, Mogul, which is the only platform with full automation for a range of major esports titles. 

This week, Mogul and Legacy Esports, which is owned by the Adelaide Crows, formed a partnership to spearhead a brand-new tournament model. Fresh off the success of Mogul’s $275,000 AUD series, this new model will see players able to go head-to-head with pros.

Mogul Esports

This new tournament model will see players from Legacy Esports competing online in Fortnite. Legacy Esports players will play on Mogul for cash prizes and will face off against fans and the general public. Legacy Esports’ best Fortnite team will be playing and public and amateur players will be able to win Razer laptops worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The partnership is designed to benefit both Mogul and Legacy as it will enable them to engage with their communities, organise events and further promote the Mogul platform on the esports scene. 

Mogul Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer, Jamie Skella, said;

Mogul couldn’t be prouder to work together with the iconic Legacy Esports as a landmark partnership for the region.

One of many forthcoming partnerships of this kind, it represents our ability to support the industry with market-leading tournament technology, and have industry actors share in our success as we grow.

This partnership model is truly win-win in nature – I’m excited about the role it will play as an economic accelerator for everyone involved.

Legacy Esports is equally excited and COO Nigel Smart said, “We’re extremely excited to partner with Mogul and look forward to working with the Mogul team to drive innovation, creativity and excitement around the Mogul platform.”

According to Mogul, “The top-class technology stack enables esports fans to compete and organise tournaments with ease. Esports enthusiasts can also follow streamers and elite esports results from around the globe.

“The platform deeply integrates with game title APIs (application programming interface) and rich features to provide gamers with the best user experience possible.”

The features of Mogul include;

  • Automated gameplay experience
  • Multiple tournament modes
  • Friendly esports communities
  • Lifetime player statistics
  • Achievements, ranks and rewards
  • Match reminder notifications
  • Easy tournament administrative access

More information about the Legacy Esports Fortnite tournament will be revealed in the coming weeks.

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